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Pod system Vapeciga Voopoo Vinci … another great Pod Kit Ah! Do not do!

After RPM40 Smok my opinion, it was very nice to have VooPoo Vinci arrived in the mail. He not only share a similar style with RPM40, but also served as a “Mod Pod” – or “Mod Pod”, as it says on the box.

Mod Pod important movement is that it puts a line in the sand regarding the pod system.

Having a typical casing closed system can not fill or coil turns.

Then others refill – Smok and VooPoo But what has been done, is done in the different subcategories and has been called “Mod Pod”

So what Mod Pod? Well, I think it looks like the device’s internal battery sub-Ohm typical tank established. But the difference is purely based on a “reservoir” which is actually located on the device and is not connected through a regular 510 connector.

The beauty of being live is always simple, you may be looking for a small device, but with a little more for their money.

So what will stop Smok RPM40 in your cart and click VooPoo Vinci? It is a masterpiece of world Vinci?

While Voopoo Drag 2 Mini Kit show new does not have a screen and has a parameter low, medium and high output. So if you are looking for simplicity – that Vinci-R may be a better option.

This kit was sent to me for review. All views and opinions are my own and do not reflect the opinions of others.
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Voopoo hand Vinci Vinci R analysis and comparison

What’s in this box:
1 x Vinci Tools R
1 x 5.5 ml Pod
Coil 1 x 0.3Ω PnP
1 x 0.8Ω PnP R1 Coil
Warranty Card 1 x
1 x gene chipcard
1 x USB cable
1 x Manual

Specifications and features
Size: 104 × 25.3 × 25.3mm
Battery: 1500mAh internal
E-liquid capacity: 5.5 ml (2.0 ml Version TPD)
output voltage: 3.2-4.2v
Resistance 0.1Ω-3.0Ω Adapted
Charging: 1.5 hours via Micro USB
Colors available: The following is a list of

I received a variety of colors carbon fiber Voopoo Vinci RBA get code, and it was a little boring kit-yet-simple.

And although they are physically larger than RPM40 devices Smok still very pocket friendly. Think of it as a package Chewits in his pocket.

In fact, I liked the look and finish of Vinci. This is not a fingerprint magnet main shaft.

If the carbon fiber panel is a little cheesy. However, there are many designs and colors, so I’m sure you’ll find your favorite.

With curved edges and a large, but fits seamlessly shutter button and it is very thin.

In hand
The Voopoo Vinci has a good weight to it, especially in weight due to the size of the internal battery, but also very beautiful and powerful finish. No plastic here (part of the casing of course)

Vinci is quite mod convenient to carry and that feels very natural to hold and so vaporizer.

kit comes only with a sheath, which has a capacity of 5.5 ml and smoke, but not too dark so you can easily see the level of liquid letter.

PDT version is limited to 2 ml capacity, but it seems that it’s exactly the same size pulses, but with only a few forms of silicon plug attached, which can be removed? We’ll see.

I’ve already mentioned, but beautiful mod pod pods click and there is no opportunity to easily fall off – even the film tight wrist.

Coil snap may not be your cup of tea, but this feature allows Voopoo Too Coils click in to use multiple coils available options.

PNP R-1 0.8
My kit came with coil 0.8Ω VooPoo shows a roll-DL medium. And that’s just one way to explain it. With dual coil inside, and the air flow hole is much smaller input provides a tight coil DTL interesting. But that does not mean the MTL coil.

RBA unlikely to be available coil, which would be a shame, because it is something that interests me a lot Smok RPM40

More information: The mouth to the lungs and lung vaping
VooPoo finish Vinci Pod
To fill the capsules with the e-I first remove fluid from a car battery from the device, then:

Flappy is part of silicone and soft skin
Hold the horizontal and pod fill with e-liquid that you want
Close the lid of silicone ensure full incorporation into the hole.
Go Pod device.
At this point, Vinci automatically determines optimal watt coil fitted. Very useful if you are new, well vaping, or just are not sure what is best for the coil installed watt

I suggest you get a break coil 5-10 minutes to allow the coil to completely saturated liquid letter.

Vapeciga Voopoo Drag Software has a clear bright display that is approximately 0.8in high and about half an inch wide.

There are also some key sequences to remember

5. Click the shutter button = On and Off
3 Click the shutter button = Settings Auto, manual drawing and two
Press and hold down the + = Fire and lock / unlock all keys (fire is always activated when the settings)
Press and hold the fire and – button = reset counter punch
Hold button + and – – Displays information punches
+ Y – to adjust the power of 5W-40W 1 mg gradually
Automatic detection coil is also a very useful feature with this device, and in general all the power is highly recommended automatically by the camera. Highly intelligent and completely.

How VooPoo Vinci Do?
During my tests, mostly vaping nicotine to the low resistance of the e-liquid to the limited supply of air sufficient coil Vinci 2 that comes with it.

I mean vaping happy in this Darkstar – Code Red.

On the other hand, I based my opinion on the use of air flows more convenient option for me two coils should have a more open environment, not strictly sweepstakes offered by pod rotate 180 degrees.

Even with a thorough cleaning, the same thing was happening almost every day. I do not know if the Voopoo Pnp Pod Kit show new on the reel is not rigorous enough, or if it was just an accumulation of condensation. But anyway, it’s there.

Rasa two coils
excellent battery life
It feels well made and of high quality
chucker Mini Cloud
magnificent views
Air flow options, but they are limited available
Seeing low bit
coil does not come to mind MTL reliable
Only 1 Pod with kit
Flight number / condensation is a concern
The final verdict
I tried very hard to compare to anything Smok RPM40 Kit, which is actually the same. But if you look at VooPoo Vinci Vinci lift or R – I’m pretty sure you have registered Smok RPM40 well.

I will try to briefly explain the differences between, and where I want.

Both kits produce excellent flavor and excellent vapor production, so that whatever you choose, either obtained excellent results. the same battery capacity and coils are available for both kits are too broad to register.

What it boils down to personal preference, coil Smok RPM40 RBA will soon be available, it may be enough to tempt you. Add 2-Pod option which means you can make the most of the North rolls or RPM.

You can buy here: Voopoo Coils

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