IJOY Shogun Subohm Tank

The company has not changed – still Shogun is supported by the UNIV chipset and is designed for a balance between comfort and ease of use without slowing down the process with unnecessary features. This concern of nostalgia, we will see again.

The iJoy SHOGUN UNIV 180W TC Starter Kit is a daily panel system with a high performance dual chipset face UNIV resin fills intuitive functions in association with the secondary reservoir Katana Ohm. Design tools compact box iJoy SHOGUN Mod 180W with a beautiful resin for color variations that really stand out among other modern spray kit. Powered by two high Ampere 18650 (sold separately), Shogun is capable of 180W UNIV chipset output, producing maximum cloud with virtually instantaneous response.

First impressions and Estheticians

For the uninitiated, Shogun is a stylish, mod box curve that brings us back to a simpler time in the history of vaping with mod box that still retain the classic aesthetics with modern sensibilities. With 510 connections by three centered design standard buttons, monochrome OLED screen and removable side panels / battery compartment, we forgive you that it came out in 2015.

Of course, there is resin … which is kind of back in vogue after disappearing for a year. The panels are of high quality in terms of design, but we are still some who are tired, they are not interchangeable as other companies products.

I agree with my colleagues on the chassis of how zinc alloy engine and Shogun / resins made. When I held the mod, I thought that the device was digging into my palm with a slightly raised edge, but it was not. While you can certainly say that there are banks, never becomes uncomfortable.

Yes, it is a standard case study design, to be sure. But do not be fooled into thinking it is of the old school devices – Shogun is certainly light years from where we were in the early days of vaping greatest strength.

Features of Shogun UNIV

When we reviewed the Katana tank under his kit with the same name, we were a little confused. Of course, there was / is a good reservoir damn sub-ohms, with a set of reels net are compatible with many other tanks iJoy and perfect vaped. But that does not discriminate against other industry leaders … or even another sub-tank iJoy ohms. He just  a little there.

This opinion has not changed. But looking at the whole collective Shogun kit, originality is criticized not a very good play. Newcomers to the series, or even sub-ohm vaping, will mods preferred our team, as well as a versatile and a tank system proven compatibility with coil measures a ton of other products.

And, as always, quality vape profitable coil IJOY commitment is evident here. coil km1 DM-M2 and delicious, producing steam and sufficient durability. I managed about 8-9 days before the tapped coil, which is widely used for testing. I can imagine a more relaxing vaper get a few more days, easy.

So our key delivery? Is this the original kit? No chance. But a good value? Right.


At this stage vaping, I’ll go ahead and make assumptions – you can not always vape 200 watts. Maybe I’m a snob, but called intuition. So even if Shogun was not ridiculously high values, what you have here is more than enough to keep vapers “regular” remotely. And because the coil included in the estimated power is very moderate, you will probably not even realize that you do not push the stratosphere with each puff.

I agree with my colleague that iJoy must include the “share” to remove the third long / short press mechanical press, the newcomer even find their way through the trees menu online in no time. And when I close my settings – basic settings for preheating the precise control of temperature and level of TCR – Shogun does exactly what it says.

While it may have more vents on the device, it must be mentioned that the remains from the outside, encouraging even shape cool completely for the upper limit. Again, no bullshit, just results. This is something we can get behind.



  • Multifunctional tank system
  • Simple design and large motors
  • The lifetime of the battery and the usability of the UNIV extraordinary chipset


  • Weary small screen in 2019
  • No side panels replaced the resin
  • Tank (for the good) is not a world beater

Spinfuel VAPE Score and Recommendation

In itself iJoy Shogun is a good buy. In this kit, it is almost a must-buy (like all mod vape or reservoir is a real “must-buy”). The device is as robust and reliable as any on the market. And the inclusion of inter-tank proven consistently make that decision easier. If you are new to vaping ohms, or just a kind of kit “all,” there is no reason to lose, unless of course you do not like mods or need something with more strength resins as starter kit valerian Uwell 300W, currently under review.

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