Gas Mods Kree RTA Comment

Gas stunning mods, but if it VAPE as good as it seems?
So how VAPE new Kree RTA Mods Gas?
I’m sure we will for the first time, and just think of all had the experience where we saw a new device “I must have that! ”
I am an absolute sucker for clear top hat, cape bell, and all kinds of tanks and instruments where you can see through them, and the glass on the lid on Kree looked amazing in the pictures!
What can we expect gas Mods Kree RTA?
I am happy to say that the meat was even more beautiful!
Mods gases are a Chinese company that has tried to bring more of an upscale feel to their atomizers. And I think this is the first time we had one of their products for review, so I’m really curious to see what he is capable.
They are mostly made previous GDR, with RDTA. So they can translate their experience in the GDR for the RTA? Let’s find out!
Mods gas Kree sent for review by VapeCiga (thank you) and as usual I will report honestly on what I found, and I influenced by free.

Inside the box
Mods Gas Kree RTA TOPCAP glass, clear drip Tip, 2.5 mm Airflow – preinstalled
Top hat PC
Black Tip drip
510 Adapter
additional adapter 5 Airflow (2.0M, 1.5 mm, 1.2 mm, 1.0 mm, 0.8 mm)
Bag Spares (including extension to the side of the PC use tank)
Blue screwdriver handle (not shown)
Coil – Single Coil
Dimensions – 22mm x 40mm
Capacity – 2 ml (glass) 3.5ml (PC)

Design and build quality
Before you begin, you present the pieces that I must take a moment to explain how the fall stopper drop / up / fireplace go together. Top hats held in place by being sandwiched between two parts screwed.
Among them a fireplace in the evaporation chamber, the other is one of the best two drops that come with the adapter or infusion 510 metal edge.
flathead screw on the fire, and the upper cap o-ring to the base.

Gas Mods Kree RTA Drip Tips
You have the choice between two peaks dripping. This is a transparent plastic and a larger and more appropriate bore for limited basic development DTL, and decreased tip black with a reduction thinner bore. Interestingly, they have a thread on the screw on the same chimney as the wire 510. In addition, recommendations to connection drops 810 (with O-ring) that should take the other tanks.

If you do not do as one of the two boards drips that it comes with, you can use a small metal adapter that has a wire to the screw on the fireplace and space to put on 510 tips you as drops.
Kree RTA Section mods gas reservoir
As for the suggestion of the drops, you have two different reservoir sections in the box. Anyone who has been previously installed are glass, and looks absolutely beautiful! If you want a bit more capacity (3.5 ml), you can still exchange for polycarbonate tank.
It is not nearly as nice to look at the glass tank, and I will be careful to use it as some liquids are known to react with a PC and can cause them to crack.
If you use a larger capacity tank, attach a small extension of fire between the chimney and the end of the drops.

gas Kree platform RTA
This beautiful single coil platform, but I have some problems with it.
For starters, it is with deck screws, it is a personal choice, but I really hate the flat head on bridge building.
More disturbing the walls on both sides of the screw. They are placed so that there is some space between the screw head and the wall.
Especially if you use simple round wire, it means not as simple as popping in the wire and screws.
Instead, you must ensure that it remains under the screw heads, and I found it was more like building a type of device that is much more you need to wrap your wire around the opinion.
Here is where your battery, it is the air flow is controlled by the choice of 6 cards you get in the package.
2.5 mm air gap is pre-installed on the platform, and if you want to discuss, I recommend using some e-liquid on the O-ring with oil. Make sure to place the O-ring down, because that’s what stands.
You also have two generously sized drill holes to place your pin, fed by three rivers juice.
base kree mods gas RTA
The bottom of the tank has a nice knurling, but it does not help you to change your airflow.
Because there is no air flow control ring, the outside air flow hole is static – but that makes it easy to open the lid of your mod!

How to build a gas Mods Kree
Choose and placed in the platform. I recommend using the test tank and together to determine your favorite images. Remember that it will be a little tight when you have a reel.

  • Unscrew saw your post to put your rolls. Attach then make sure to keep your feet under the screw head coil. You can wrap a round screw.
  • Trim the bobbin leg near the screw to prevent shorts. Beware of the positive position because there is no work to do, it’s on the wall rather than the screws on the chimney.
  • Dry fire your reel gently and strum necessary to eliminate hot spots and see if it shines steadily.
  • After cool, you get a cotton and feed.

    Your cotton Trim it will reach the bottom of the juice consumption. Try not compress too low. You can lighten up a little, but do not require a lot of scanning, as there is so much space.

  • Wet bamboozled with e-liquid.
  • Screw in the evaporation chamber tightly on the deck. When you do this, make sure that the resistance does not decrease short. Because you will not be able to solve this problem once filled with liquid without emptying e.
  • Once evaporation chamber is narrowed, to obtain the tank and the location on the base section, it is held in place by the O-ring at this stage.
  • Fill with e-liquid.
  • Finally screw at the end of the drip, drip or tip adapter. Do not tighten too much, because you want to be able to open the lid to fill in the future without unscrewing the evaporation chamber.
  • Once you put together, if you go!

Fill the gas Mods Kree
Gently loosen the end of the tip adapter drops / droplets. While you do this, keep an eye on your sculpture evaporation chamber
If you see start playing when you open the lid Remove the drip
If this happens soon, one way to reduce stress is by applying drip tip your little unscrewing. I do not know why it works, but it can be done with a twist or influence or friction …
Once you unscrew the tip drops, you now have a large open neck tank to fill with lots of space!
When you come together, not back drip of the screw is too tight, fingers tightened what you want. Screw this, and you can bind to the edge drop to the upper cover, and you will not be able to fill without emptying your tank.
Since you do not control the flow of juice, it is likely that you will end up with some e-liquid gurgling around your airflow. A quick way to clear this is an old trick Kayfun.
Vape Hold your head and hold the paper near your air bag. then blowing peak drops to force the e-liquid from the air stream.
It was a bit of a review of juice disorder in the air holes, the juice that comes out when I change the construction, tank I want to take it out and about with me unless he has a paper towel hand!
How gas Kree Mods conduct FSA?
As you can see, I have some reservations about what it is like to use every day. For a long time, I have a tank where I was still empty axes! Is it enough to brand performance to mitigate the problem though?

Airflow Kree Mods gas RTA
I’m really a fan of the cap under the coil. This can be a bit of a pain if you do not know what you like, and want to experiment with different configurations.
However, once you do, I think the shape of the air flow in the coil is a better way to control the flow of air than just a ring around the outside.
I’ll be honest though, I have not tried all the possible arrangements of air flow. After a certain point, it becomes a bit annoying to have change everything aside to go outside!
Remember, you can only be done when the tank is empty and you need to remove the build up to.
So full disclosure, I have not tried airflow 1.2mm. I would guess randomly give a random place between 1.0mm and 1.5mm! I have them all at a nominal scale of 1-10, where 1 is like to suck a golf ball through a garden hose and 10 absolutely free.

  • 1.2mm – Sorry no test!
  • 1.0mm – Just a fraction more open! 2,5-3
  • 0.8mm – it gives a nice small MTL draw. 2-2,5
  • 1.5mm – feels more open, DTL is still a draw, but to get there. 4.5
  • 2.0mm – Here we begin able to limit DTL. 6
  • 2.5mm – Over the air flow again, and quite comfortable interesting DTL. 6.5 / 7
  • No airflow control pins – more air and quite noisy. 7.5

Mods gas RTA Kree Flavor
I tried two different e-liquid in this area, both Berry Ice by easy vape is 50/50 VG / PG and Mango Bango Big Juice Company 70/30 VG / PG.
With round low building power wireless sense of simple good enough. MTL beautiful delicate drawing with a lot of taste punchiness I think.
If you can get a little more complex coil but totally worth it to improve the taste. I use my normal fondue MTL Clapton, and very well executed. I always recommend keeping pin small air flow if, as you can manage MTL on most of them, to taste the sweet spot of about 1.0 mm to me.
Large, open, and there was a slight decrease in flavor, but not too much. Such as limiting DTL tank I started to get a sense of separation records. Not as good as some, but they are getting a boost to the versatility of this reservoir.


  • It’s a looker with that glass cap!
  • Really good flavour


  • Unable to change your airflow/re-wick with e-liquid in the tank
  • Big gap between post screw and wall
  • Sometimes tricky to unscrew the drip tip to fill up, without unscrewing the chamber

End Review Verdict
So it was a bit of a pain to build on, and even more of a pain review!
However, the taste is really very good. I would certainly be happy to recommend it to someone, but maybe someone who has been building for a while, because it is not really simple to work around a compromise.
It also looks absolutely stunning with the top hat of glass, although I hope they include a backup rather than tanks PC – as we all know, break the glass!
I had to knock a fair few points for the design though. The gap between the screw head and the wall seems like a basic thing that they have to get right. The fact that you can not go back without emptying the tank axis another downside.
Although I am usually a fan of filling up, has three screwed together using a thread in the same direction, and you just want the Release of their joining, is an absolute pain.
All in all, it might be worth taking if you like the look. Just know what you’re getting yourself into!

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