Ehpro Cold Steel 200 TC Box Mod

ECF members Hi, In this review, I look at the cold steel 200 TC Box Mod Ehpro. The cold steel Ehpro 200 TC Box Mod has been provided for the purpose of this review by Violet Vapeciga.


Ehpro known for manufacturing quality affordable clone, but it seems in the past, recently they have made some products are well received on their own, including many collaborations with the writer. Cold Steel 200 is one of two Ehpro device designed in collaboration with the German notification Youtube Nebelfee and full work force, voltage, bypass, curves and complete suite of TC. The main markets of two high-quality steel stainless steel construction quality they provide to Cold Steel 200 view!

In The Box


Aesthetics and ergonomics

Cold Steel 200 is available in a presentation box carton packed with everything on one level. I received a version of stainless steel, and bronze that has a stainless steel shell and two vertical strips Gunmetal focus on the face and back of the device. Other standard version is black and gold, and there is also a limited edition version of Gunmetal and Gold. When considering that I might go on to say Gunmetal black than that though my version is supposed stainless steel and gunmetal and photos from the show producers button, the base plate 510 and accents become Gunmetal me they no longer look like black, all other versions accent, buttons, etc. gold.
The second device looks and feels very high quality with stainless steel construction and a flawless machine, but the recent trend moving toward more light and portable devices, it will not be to his liking everyone because he’s a little weight. Both side panels delivered tapered edge and we also saw the same tapered at the top and the base border leading to the spine and face. Tapered side we have the “COLD STEEL” and “NEBELFEE” (twice) carved in steel and honest with employees examiner names engraved on these devices actually turn off for me.
Both sides also have a flat diagonal strip center with upper and lower bands which have a rather pleasant embossing machine, these bands extend around the edges of the cone. The face of the device has a central part set back, we have a fire button on the style switch followed by a narrow elongated screen. We then 2 box navigation key, followed by a small load and leveling indicator, then on the bottom right is a horizontal release button, rectangle to the hatch door of the lower battery. spine has two bands focus mentioned above and the middle part is hidden on one side of the device is a USB port type C. The base is black battery door door that has ventilation holes and a lot of security features printed and brands, we also have four rubber feet round which was a nice touch that makes the device very stable. Forward until we have a central black plate 510 has a raised edge protects the inner surface of the device and provide a little open, but you have to look, in my opinion does not matter, we have gold-plated, spring 510.
Cold steel box 200 is shaped and mentioned the old school has some weight to it, but the tapered tip and rescue lights switch button style and ergonomic fire I felt very comfortable to hold and fire.

Cold Steel 200 specifications and features:

Dimensions: 25 x 52 x 88mm
Material: Stainless steel
coil resistance range: 0.05-3ohm
voltage range: 0.5-8V
Watt range: 5-200W
Output Current: 40A
Temperature range: 100-315 ℃ / ℉ 200-600
load TYPE-C: Yes
Software Update: Online Gaming
work mode: PWR / TEMP / CURVE / VOLT / BYPASS
types of batteries: 2x 18650 cells (not included)
perfect device designed by Ehpro & Nebelfee
stainless steel construction with great durability
18650 outermost cells and 200W peak power
Several working modes for different styles vapers
battery cover up for ease of installation
C-USB port for fast charging and firmware update
Threads: 510
Color: black and gold, stainless steel and gunmetal, Gunmetal & Gold (Limited Edition)

Insert The Battery

Trap door cold steel with release button that I really but leaves a question mark on the sustainability. On the side of the device where we also select and all the buttons, we have the right rectangular clearance background. By pressing the release button on the bottom of integers springs door flap down to reveal the coil of the tube for installations dual 18650 battery orientation is marked on the bottom of the tube, but visibility was not as great lack of light and dark in orientation on a black door (outside my reason they can not do the orientation of the stand, try using black could white). When you install the battery you just push the door closed and properly locked in place. we do not have movements or vibrate. When you push the door closed, it feels like a pressure sufficient to break down the door with the battery installed that leaves a question mark mentioned on the sustainability of the catch. When looking at the spring looks to be a small solid and large metal parts that is what we hope will not fail is stainless steel and feels very strongly if my hunch is the door of the battery from time to time will be good, but I can not give a guarantee!


The screen is very close, but the elongated school age in nature that many still prefer. Show and fonts can be very small, but had no trouble reading all the information that is sharp and bright. Above left, we feed the heating mode or type of wire in the CV mode, bottom left, we just have a status bar battery. To the right of what has been described, have the top of the resistance and voltage of the power supply secondarily when the TC, the bypass voltage or voltage mode, which is where we find the force. On the right side of the screen displays the power output, TC mode in temperature or stress when stress or cutting mode.

Navigation Cold Steel 200

This device is the usual 5 Click fire button for power and 5 clicks to turn off and once we were greeted by a sharp, bright screen has been described old school style. We have a combination of function keys of the press – and flip the screen burn + and locked fire on the navigation key, but the device will still fire, + and – are locked together when the device so it will not be like the fire and finally by pressing the +, – and the fire set in stealth mode.
This device has many modes, but a simple menu system that is 3 click the shoot button to enter. The menu gave us the power options, Temp Curve cutting voltage and back, when the power of selection then give our choices the Heat are: Normal, Soft or strong. Curves, voltage and cut simple but Temp gave us a choice selection of nickel, stainless steel, titanium, TC and rear. After selecting the wire material in TC, then allows the power to regulate the stages up to 200W maximum 1W. Once the power is set, then go to a place where we set the temperature to adjust in increments of 5 degrees and a round robin between Celsius and Fahrenheit. This is it, very simple, and I love all of the screens have a choice again, and including through the power settings and all round robin temperature. When the power settings, it adjusts .1W up to 30W and .5W gradual increments all the way up to 200W, also rolls at a speed which is really nice!


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