What is a Vaporizer or Vape?

What is a Vaporizer or Vape?

Vaporizers are specialized gadgets produced glas vape   to cozy natural substances to introduce their energetic parts.

Vaporizers utilize electricity vape ja hrefice recipes or butane gas as a source of power to warm your plant concern to temperature levels below burning. At these temperatures, the energised elements such as cannabinoids, terpenoids, weed vape pens flavonoids, as well as numerous other advantageous compounds are launched without producing tar or smoke.

E-cigarettes as well as mods for e-juices, together with all kind of marijuana vaporizers, are referred to as \ \ \’vaporizers \ \ \’ or \ \ \’vapes \ \ \’.

Well, if you think about the Oxford or Cambridge dictionary, Vaping or vape \ \ \’is making use of e-cigarettes or various other tools that allow you breathe in nicotine or various liqa hrefid nicotine wholesalers coa hrefpon other medications as vapor, rather than smoke. \ \ \’ The term had really become so popular, that in 2014, Vape \ \ \’ was called as words of the year by the Oxford Thesaurus.

In this short article, we \ \ \’ll focus mostly on weedmods vape vaporizers.

Ehpro Cold Steel 200 TC Box Mod

ECF members Hi, In this review, I look at the cold steel 200 TC Box Mod Ehpro. The cold steel Ehpro 200 TC Box Mod has been provided for the purpose of this review by Violet Vapeciga.


Ehpro known for manufacturing quality affordable clone, but it seems in the past, recently they have made some products are well received on their own, including many collaborations with the writer. Cold Steel 200 is one of two Ehpro device designed in collaboration with the German notification Youtube Nebelfee and full work force, voltage, bypass, curves and complete suite of TC. The main markets of two high-quality steel stainless steel construction quality they provide to Cold Steel 200 view!

In The Box


Aesthetics and ergonomics

Cold Steel 200 is available in a presentation box carton packed with everything on one level. I received a version of stainless steel, and bronze that has a stainless steel shell and two vertical strips Gunmetal focus on the face and back of the device. Other standard version is black and gold, and there is also a limited edition version of Gunmetal and Gold. When considering that I might go on to say Gunmetal black than that though my version is supposed stainless steel and gunmetal and photos from the show producers button, the base plate 510 and accents become Gunmetal me they no longer look like black, all other versions accent, buttons, etc. gold.
The second device looks and feels very high quality with stainless steel construction and a flawless machine, but the recent trend moving toward more light and portable devices, it will not be to his liking everyone because he’s a little weight. Both side panels delivered tapered edge and we also saw the same tapered at the top and the base border leading to the spine and face. Tapered side we have the “COLD STEEL” and “NEBELFEE” (twice) carved in steel and honest with employees examiner names engraved on these devices actually turn off for me.
Both sides also have a flat diagonal strip center with upper and lower bands which have a rather pleasant embossing machine, these bands extend around the edges of the cone. The face of the device has a central part set back, we have a fire button on the style switch followed by a narrow elongated screen. We then 2 box navigation key, followed by a small load and leveling indicator, then on the bottom right is a horizontal release button, rectangle to the hatch door of the lower battery. spine has two bands focus mentioned above and the middle part is hidden on one side of the device is a USB port type C. The base is black battery door door that has ventilation holes and a lot of security features printed and brands, we also have four rubber feet round which was a nice touch that makes the device very stable. Forward until we have a central black plate 510 has a raised edge protects the inner surface of the device and provide a little open, but you have to look, in my opinion does not matter, we have gold-plated, spring 510.
Cold steel box 200 is shaped and mentioned the old school has some weight to it, but the tapered tip and rescue lights switch button style and ergonomic fire I felt very comfortable to hold and fire.

Cold Steel 200 specifications and features:

Dimensions: 25 x 52 x 88mm
Material: Stainless steel
coil resistance range: 0.05-3ohm
voltage range: 0.5-8V
Watt range: 5-200W
Output Current: 40A
Temperature range: 100-315 ℃ / ℉ 200-600
load TYPE-C: Yes
Software Update: Online Gaming
work mode: PWR / TEMP / CURVE / VOLT / BYPASS
types of batteries: 2x 18650 cells (not included)
perfect device designed by Ehpro & Nebelfee
stainless steel construction with great durability
18650 outermost cells and 200W peak power
Several working modes for different styles vapers
battery cover up for ease of installation
C-USB port for fast charging and firmware update
Threads: 510
Color: black and gold, stainless steel and gunmetal, Gunmetal & Gold (Limited Edition)

Insert The Battery

Trap door cold steel with release button that I really but leaves a question mark on the sustainability. On the side of the device where we also select and all the buttons, we have the right rectangular clearance background. By pressing the release button on the bottom of integers springs door flap down to reveal the coil of the tube for installations dual 18650 battery orientation is marked on the bottom of the tube, but visibility was not as great lack of light and dark in orientation on a black door (outside my reason they can not do the orientation of the stand, try using black could white). When you install the battery you just push the door closed and properly locked in place. we do not have movements or vibrate. When you push the door closed, it feels like a pressure sufficient to break down the door with the battery installed that leaves a question mark mentioned on the sustainability of the catch. When looking at the spring looks to be a small solid and large metal parts that is what we hope will not fail is stainless steel and feels very strongly if my hunch is the door of the battery from time to time will be good, but I can not give a guarantee!


The screen is very close, but the elongated school age in nature that many still prefer. Show and fonts can be very small, but had no trouble reading all the information that is sharp and bright. Above left, we feed the heating mode or type of wire in the CV mode, bottom left, we just have a status bar battery. To the right of what has been described, have the top of the resistance and voltage of the power supply secondarily when the TC, the bypass voltage or voltage mode, which is where we find the force. On the right side of the screen displays the power output, TC mode in temperature or stress when stress or cutting mode.

Navigation Cold Steel 200

This device is the usual 5 Click fire button for power and 5 clicks to turn off and once we were greeted by a sharp, bright screen has been described old school style. We have a combination of function keys of the press – and flip the screen burn + and locked fire on the navigation key, but the device will still fire, + and – are locked together when the device so it will not be like the fire and finally by pressing the +, – and the fire set in stealth mode.
This device has many modes, but a simple menu system that is 3 click the shoot button to enter. The menu gave us the power options, Temp Curve cutting voltage and back, when the power of selection then give our choices the Heat are: Normal, Soft or strong. Curves, voltage and cut simple but Temp gave us a choice selection of nickel, stainless steel, titanium, TC and rear. After selecting the wire material in TC, then allows the power to regulate the stages up to 200W maximum 1W. Once the power is set, then go to a place where we set the temperature to adjust in increments of 5 degrees and a round robin between Celsius and Fahrenheit. This is it, very simple, and I love all of the screens have a choice again, and including through the power settings and all round robin temperature. When the power settings, it adjusts .1W up to 30W and .5W gradual increments all the way up to 200W, also rolls at a speed which is really nice!


VapX Geyser Pod Kit

VapX Geyser 100w Pod System Kit

Geyser VapX System Pod Kit is a true revolutionary device touches the top of the technology. Backed by one of the 21,700 batteries, VapX geyser reaches maximum power of 100W. VapX geyser is also compatible with cell 18650 (with sleeves). VapX Pod Kit Geyser Water 5ml attaches two 75W and 45W pod pod 2ml water. The 2ml 75W Air Pod is best for MTL bulk / mass DL vape while 2ml 45W Air Pod perfect for tight MTL / restricted DL vape. Buck-boost converter provides real stale and consistent production to VapX Geyser. Geyser VapX Pod Kit adopts magnesium alloy construction for lighter weight. Thus, the external Li-ion battery will not do heavy VapX Geyser in the palm of the hand.




Size: 87.7 x 30.9 x 53.5mm

Ingredients: magnesium alloy

Pod Material: PC

Power Range: 5-100W

Capacity: 2 ml

Resistance Range: 0.1-3ohm

output voltage: 0.5-8V

Battery: 1 x 21700/18650 (not included, with sleeves a)

Standard Coils: XCoil Model 10 / Model 15s XCoil



External battery 21700/18650

5W to 100W power adjustable

Innovative two cloves of AFC for proper air control

Strict MTL / MTL bulk / DL restricted / DL bulk

Single / double mesh XCoils

On the charging system is easy

Bust-boost converter for a stable and constant production


Presented by:


1 x Mod geyser

1 x double AFC Pod w / Air Mesh

1 x double AFC Pod w / Air Mesh

1 x Single Mesh Air Max. XCoil 45W Model 10

1 x Single Mesh Air Max. XCoil 75W Model 15s

1 x 18650 arm

1 x 1.2 m C-type cable

Gas Mods Kree RTA Comment

Gas stunning mods, but if it VAPE as good as it seems?
So how VAPE new Kree RTA Mods Gas?
I’m sure we will for the first time, and just think of all had the experience where we saw a new device “I must have that! ”
I am an absolute sucker for clear top hat, cape bell, and all kinds of tanks and instruments where you can see through them, and the glass on the lid on Kree looked amazing in the pictures!
What can we expect gas Mods Kree RTA?
I am happy to say that the meat was even more beautiful!
Mods gases are a Chinese company that has tried to bring more of an upscale feel to their atomizers. And I think this is the first time we had one of their products for review, so I’m really curious to see what he is capable.
They are mostly made previous GDR, with RDTA. So they can translate their experience in the GDR for the RTA? Let’s find out!
Mods gas Kree sent for review by VapeCiga (thank you) and as usual I will report honestly on what I found, and I influenced by free.

Inside the box
Mods Gas Kree RTA TOPCAP glass, clear drip Tip, 2.5 mm Airflow – preinstalled
Top hat PC
Black Tip drip
510 Adapter
additional adapter 5 Airflow (2.0M, 1.5 mm, 1.2 mm, 1.0 mm, 0.8 mm)
Bag Spares (including extension to the side of the PC use tank)
Blue screwdriver handle (not shown)
Coil – Single Coil
Dimensions – 22mm x 40mm
Capacity – 2 ml (glass) 3.5ml (PC)

Design and build quality
Before you begin, you present the pieces that I must take a moment to explain how the fall stopper drop / up / fireplace go together. Top hats held in place by being sandwiched between two parts screwed.
Among them a fireplace in the evaporation chamber, the other is one of the best two drops that come with the adapter or infusion 510 metal edge.
flathead screw on the fire, and the upper cap o-ring to the base.

Gas Mods Kree RTA Drip Tips
You have the choice between two peaks dripping. This is a transparent plastic and a larger and more appropriate bore for limited basic development DTL, and decreased tip black with a reduction thinner bore. Interestingly, they have a thread on the screw on the same chimney as the wire 510. In addition, recommendations to connection drops 810 (with O-ring) that should take the other tanks.

If you do not do as one of the two boards drips that it comes with, you can use a small metal adapter that has a wire to the screw on the fireplace and space to put on 510 tips you as drops.
Kree RTA Section mods gas reservoir
As for the suggestion of the drops, you have two different reservoir sections in the box. Anyone who has been previously installed are glass, and looks absolutely beautiful! If you want a bit more capacity (3.5 ml), you can still exchange for polycarbonate tank.
It is not nearly as nice to look at the glass tank, and I will be careful to use it as some liquids are known to react with a PC and can cause them to crack.
If you use a larger capacity tank, attach a small extension of fire between the chimney and the end of the drops.

gas Kree platform RTA
This beautiful single coil platform, but I have some problems with it.
For starters, it is with deck screws, it is a personal choice, but I really hate the flat head on bridge building.
More disturbing the walls on both sides of the screw. They are placed so that there is some space between the screw head and the wall.
Especially if you use simple round wire, it means not as simple as popping in the wire and screws.
Instead, you must ensure that it remains under the screw heads, and I found it was more like building a type of device that is much more you need to wrap your wire around the opinion.
Here is where your battery, it is the air flow is controlled by the choice of 6 cards you get in the package.
2.5 mm air gap is pre-installed on the platform, and if you want to discuss, I recommend using some e-liquid on the O-ring with oil. Make sure to place the O-ring down, because that’s what stands.
You also have two generously sized drill holes to place your pin, fed by three rivers juice.
base kree mods gas RTA
The bottom of the tank has a nice knurling, but it does not help you to change your airflow.
Because there is no air flow control ring, the outside air flow hole is static – but that makes it easy to open the lid of your mod!

How to build a gas Mods Kree
Choose and placed in the platform. I recommend using the test tank and together to determine your favorite images. Remember that it will be a little tight when you have a reel.

  • Unscrew saw your post to put your rolls. Attach then make sure to keep your feet under the screw head coil. You can wrap a round screw.
  • Trim the bobbin leg near the screw to prevent shorts. Beware of the positive position because there is no work to do, it’s on the wall rather than the screws on the chimney.
  • Dry fire your reel gently and strum necessary to eliminate hot spots and see if it shines steadily.
  • After cool, you get a cotton and feed.

    Your cotton Trim it will reach the bottom of the juice consumption. Try not compress too low. You can lighten up a little, but do not require a lot of scanning, as there is so much space.

  • Wet bamboozled with e-liquid.
  • Screw in the evaporation chamber tightly on the deck. When you do this, make sure that the resistance does not decrease short. Because you will not be able to solve this problem once filled with liquid without emptying e.
  • Once evaporation chamber is narrowed, to obtain the tank and the location on the base section, it is held in place by the O-ring at this stage.
  • Fill with e-liquid.
  • Finally screw at the end of the drip, drip or tip adapter. Do not tighten too much, because you want to be able to open the lid to fill in the future without unscrewing the evaporation chamber.
  • Once you put together, if you go!

Fill the gas Mods Kree
Gently loosen the end of the tip adapter drops / droplets. While you do this, keep an eye on your sculpture evaporation chamber
If you see start playing when you open the lid Remove the drip
If this happens soon, one way to reduce stress is by applying drip tip your little unscrewing. I do not know why it works, but it can be done with a twist or influence or friction …
Once you unscrew the tip drops, you now have a large open neck tank to fill with lots of space!
When you come together, not back drip of the screw is too tight, fingers tightened what you want. Screw this, and you can bind to the edge drop to the upper cover, and you will not be able to fill without emptying your tank.
Since you do not control the flow of juice, it is likely that you will end up with some e-liquid gurgling around your airflow. A quick way to clear this is an old trick Kayfun.
Vape Hold your head and hold the paper near your air bag. then blowing peak drops to force the e-liquid from the air stream.
It was a bit of a review of juice disorder in the air holes, the juice that comes out when I change the construction, tank I want to take it out and about with me unless he has a paper towel hand!
How gas Kree Mods conduct FSA?
As you can see, I have some reservations about what it is like to use every day. For a long time, I have a tank where I was still empty axes! Is it enough to brand performance to mitigate the problem though?

Airflow Kree Mods gas RTA
I’m really a fan of the cap under the coil. This can be a bit of a pain if you do not know what you like, and want to experiment with different configurations.
However, once you do, I think the shape of the air flow in the coil is a better way to control the flow of air than just a ring around the outside.
I’ll be honest though, I have not tried all the possible arrangements of air flow. After a certain point, it becomes a bit annoying to have change everything aside to go outside!
Remember, you can only be done when the tank is empty and you need to remove the build up to.
So full disclosure, I have not tried airflow 1.2mm. I would guess randomly give a random place between 1.0mm and 1.5mm! I have them all at a nominal scale of 1-10, where 1 is like to suck a golf ball through a garden hose and 10 absolutely free.

  • 1.2mm – Sorry no test!
  • 1.0mm – Just a fraction more open! 2,5-3
  • 0.8mm – it gives a nice small MTL draw. 2-2,5
  • 1.5mm – feels more open, DTL is still a draw, but to get there. 4.5
  • 2.0mm – Here we begin able to limit DTL. 6
  • 2.5mm – Over the air flow again, and quite comfortable interesting DTL. 6.5 / 7
  • No airflow control pins – more air and quite noisy. 7.5

Mods gas RTA Kree Flavor
I tried two different e-liquid in this area, both Berry Ice by easy vape is 50/50 VG / PG and Mango Bango Big Juice Company 70/30 VG / PG.
With round low building power wireless sense of simple good enough. MTL beautiful delicate drawing with a lot of taste punchiness I think.
If you can get a little more complex coil but totally worth it to improve the taste. I use my normal fondue MTL Clapton, and very well executed. I always recommend keeping pin small air flow if, as you can manage MTL on most of them, to taste the sweet spot of about 1.0 mm to me.
Large, open, and there was a slight decrease in flavor, but not too much. Such as limiting DTL tank I started to get a sense of separation records. Not as good as some, but they are getting a boost to the versatility of this reservoir.


  • It’s a looker with that glass cap!
  • Really good flavour


  • Unable to change your airflow/re-wick with e-liquid in the tank
  • Big gap between post screw and wall
  • Sometimes tricky to unscrew the drip tip to fill up, without unscrewing the chamber

End Review Verdict
So it was a bit of a pain to build on, and even more of a pain review!
However, the taste is really very good. I would certainly be happy to recommend it to someone, but maybe someone who has been building for a while, because it is not really simple to work around a compromise.
It also looks absolutely stunning with the top hat of glass, although I hope they include a backup rather than tanks PC – as we all know, break the glass!
I had to knock a fair few points for the design though. The gap between the screw head and the wall seems like a basic thing that they have to get right. The fact that you can not go back without emptying the tank axis another downside.
Although I am usually a fan of filling up, has three screwed together using a thread in the same direction, and you just want the Release of their joining, is an absolute pain.
All in all, it might be worth taking if you like the look. Just know what you’re getting yourself into!

IJOY Shogun Subohm Tank

The company has not changed – still Shogun is supported by the UNIV chipset and is designed for a balance between comfort and ease of use without slowing down the process with unnecessary features. This concern of nostalgia, we will see again.

The iJoy SHOGUN UNIV 180W TC Starter Kit is a daily panel system with a high performance dual chipset face UNIV resin fills intuitive functions in association with the secondary reservoir Katana Ohm. Design tools compact box iJoy SHOGUN Mod 180W with a beautiful resin for color variations that really stand out among other modern spray kit. Powered by two high Ampere 18650 (sold separately), Shogun is capable of 180W UNIV chipset output, producing maximum cloud with virtually instantaneous response.

First impressions and Estheticians

For the uninitiated, Shogun is a stylish, mod box curve that brings us back to a simpler time in the history of vaping with mod box that still retain the classic aesthetics with modern sensibilities. With 510 connections by three centered design standard buttons, monochrome OLED screen and removable side panels / battery compartment, we forgive you that it came out in 2015.

Of course, there is resin … which is kind of back in vogue after disappearing for a year. The panels are of high quality in terms of design, but we are still some who are tired, they are not interchangeable as other companies products.

I agree with my colleagues on the chassis of how zinc alloy engine and Shogun / resins made. When I held the mod, I thought that the device was digging into my palm with a slightly raised edge, but it was not. While you can certainly say that there are banks, never becomes uncomfortable.

Yes, it is a standard case study design, to be sure. But do not be fooled into thinking it is of the old school devices – Shogun is certainly light years from where we were in the early days of vaping greatest strength.

Features of Shogun UNIV

When we reviewed the Katana tank under his kit with the same name, we were a little confused. Of course, there was / is a good reservoir damn sub-ohms, with a set of reels net are compatible with many other tanks iJoy and perfect vaped. But that does not discriminate against other industry leaders … or even another sub-tank iJoy ohms. He just  a little there.

This opinion has not changed. But looking at the whole collective Shogun kit, originality is criticized not a very good play. Newcomers to the series, or even sub-ohm vaping, will mods preferred our team, as well as a versatile and a tank system proven compatibility with coil measures a ton of other products.

And, as always, quality vape profitable coil IJOY commitment is evident here. coil km1 DM-M2 and delicious, producing steam and sufficient durability. I managed about 8-9 days before the tapped coil, which is widely used for testing. I can imagine a more relaxing vaper get a few more days, easy.

So our key delivery? Is this the original kit? No chance. But a good value? Right.


At this stage vaping, I’ll go ahead and make assumptions – you can not always vape 200 watts. Maybe I’m a snob, but called intuition. So even if Shogun was not ridiculously high values, what you have here is more than enough to keep vapers “regular” remotely. And because the coil included in the estimated power is very moderate, you will probably not even realize that you do not push the stratosphere with each puff.

I agree with my colleague that iJoy must include the “share” to remove the third long / short press mechanical press, the newcomer even find their way through the trees menu online in no time. And when I close my settings – basic settings for preheating the precise control of temperature and level of TCR – Shogun does exactly what it says.

While it may have more vents on the device, it must be mentioned that the remains from the outside, encouraging even shape cool completely for the upper limit. Again, no bullshit, just results. This is something we can get behind.



  • Multifunctional tank system
  • Simple design and large motors
  • The lifetime of the battery and the usability of the UNIV extraordinary chipset


  • Weary small screen in 2019
  • No side panels replaced the resin
  • Tank (for the good) is not a world beater

Spinfuel VAPE Score and Recommendation

In itself iJoy Shogun is a good buy. In this kit, it is almost a must-buy (like all mod vape or reservoir is a real “must-buy”). The device is as robust and reliable as any on the market. And the inclusion of inter-tank proven consistently make that decision easier. If you are new to vaping ohms, or just a kind of kit “all,” there is no reason to lose, unless of course you do not like mods or need something with more strength resins as starter kit valerian Uwell 300W, currently under review.


Published Vaping new aircraft REV SPORT TC Box Mod 101W. mod is a true reflection of the striking and powerful technology. Compared to other mods vaping REV (REV GTS TC Box  Mod 230W and 200W TC NITRO REV) REV SPORT has the power and the lowest does not have a good performance and functionality to meet the needs vapers.

In addition, he has an amazing setting include: – Size- 88mm by 31mm by 44mm – voltage range of 0V to 4.2V – Wattage 5W to 101W spreading – The battery capacity is 4200mAh – cemented 0.08ohm- 3.0ohm – 15mm Thread-510 types of steel wire which has a gold-plated steel spring connection.

The 101W is packed in a box lined with specifications and designs on it. The outer layer has the same color as gray vape. This package is quite simple and contains: – one piece sports mod REV – USB Cable one piece – a piece of user manual mod design and appearance that reflects the sophistication and ergonomic chassis aluminum alloy material solid and zinc alloy.

The painting was very strong, resistant to scratches, and come in a variety of colors including green, black, blue, red, gray, white, gold, orange, gold, blue and pink. Finishing options include the top luxury and interchangeable and grill, marking some car brands such as Mercedes-Benz. grill allows you to customize your mod will mimic your style of driving.

The dashboard is available in three different models and colors to choose ten. This function lets you adjust the mod because each model has its own characteristics and unique style to reflect their vaping.

Ease of use The TC SPORTS REV Mod Box 101W has a menu with several options that are easy to use and navigate. Due to the design of the function keys, four functional areas and button interface it is very comfortable to use. This device also includes three buttons to work with the OLED screen to bring all other sensations Vaper vaping. Temperature Control mode provides temperature mod support 304, 316, 317 stainless steel (SS), Nickel 200 (Ni200) and inductors titanium (Ti) to ensure that has vaping temperature control. Also it has a temperature coefficient of resistance (TCR) with six locations memory bypass mode, and the preheating function. Moreover, this model allows complete customization of a covering vents to circulate the air.

Battery capacity with respect to the previous frame mod REV require an external battery, 4200 mAh REV sport has an integrated battery that supplies the system. It can be charged via the USB port of the microphone on the device side. the battery has a high capacity and can consume up to 101 watts with Venom v1. 1 chipset. Trigger on the trigger REV appears in comparison to other sports. It has a small bump, which increases friction press. To open a template, press five times continuously to block the press three times. For function key, press to change the color of the screen and hold to move to the function interface.

REV price SPORTS different price ranges. However, it is very important to ensure that the product is a pure place. It should also include warranty issues and control delivery before mod. Another aspect of Sport includes: – Have a detailed operation interface and firmware upgradeable – it has a reset button located on the cover of the ventilation grille interchangeable – vaping tank market more suitable for the mod.

Decision vaping company REV has been shot through a tight competition with affordable sports REV devices. If you want to field a reliable, versatile midrange vape, finally, you have to choose mod REV. Built for agility, speed and comfort, beautiful, this multi-purpose device with stylish design is compatible with all the different lifestyle vapers vaping.

Eleaf IJust 3 Pro

A Watt Variable Operations

3 Pro can Ijust power sprayers with up to 75 watts of power and settings easier than ever. You can set by a simple click of a button at the bottom of the unit to 30 watts, 40 watts, 50 watts, 60 watts and 70 watts maximum power. LEDs next to each indicator shows the current power level.

Strong 3000mAh Battery w / Charging Case C

This model is equipped with a commander type vaping long internal battery 3000mAh built. The costs will be carried out by the system micro-USB charging port that uses a Type C, which Ijust Pro 3 makes it easier than ever to connect. A full charge can be achieved in less than an hour and a half.


LED Smart Battery

An LED lights can move around the power button, so that the state of charge of the battery follow. When the green light shows, this means that the cell has more than 60% of the remaining costs, 20 percent blue and red indicates the charging time, the voltage on that dropped below 20 percent.


Several SecurityGuards

Vaping on Ijust 3 Pro is always safe, thanks to puff protection, short circuit protection, overload protection, discharge protection and protection against overcurrent.


Mesh Coils For Wonderful Flavor

The Eleaf Ello Duro, included in the kit Pro 3 Ijust, is mains coils, steam generating more satisfying with a very good taste. Two power coil in the purchase include: 0.2ohm coil-T2 HW and HW 0.15ohm coil.

Reservoir Parameters

28mm x 54mm measures tank and the tank is equipped with 6.5 ml of juice.Resin Replacement Drip Tip, To add the juice, simply slide the top cover to the large opening from. At the bottom of this container, saw two air holes that can be set wide.

Child-Resistant Mechanism

In addition built mod to block with a safety mechanism to keep Ello Duro children safe.

iJust 3 Pro Features & Specifications

  • Mod Dimensions: 25 mm x 148.5 mm
  • Weight: 157g
  • Colors: black, purple, red, rainbow, silver
  • Different patterns in each color
  • 3000mAh integrated battery
  1. OTYPE-C Micro USB charging
  2. LED oBattery
  3. OUP to 75W output with full battery
  4. Set 30W to 75W power
  • Safety protections
  • current Oever
  1. Oever-download
  2. Overcharge
  3. Short circuit
  4. Oever 10s hojaldre
  • IT ·Eleaf tank Duro
  1. Measurements: 28 mm x 54 mm
  2. Weight: 57g
  3. Tank capacity: 6.5 ml (2 ml for EU version TPD)
  • Top filling configuration §Sliding
  • Childproof
  1. Ø510 threaded
  2. Adjustable air flow solid background oDual
  3. ONET mesh type coils
  • Huge steam and excellent taste
  • Included 1 x HW-T2 | 0.2Ω
  • Included 1 x HW-M | 0.15Ω

In The Box

With the purchase, you will receive 3 Ijust Mod Pro battery, tank Ello Duro, a 0.2Ω HW coil T2, coils 0.15Ω HW-M, the type of charger C, both manual and warranty card.